Our team are highly qualified and motivated professionals who have industry recognised qualifications to compliment their life experience. 

Wellbeing is a core tenet of the Recro Vida triangle. Our team has a plethora of experience working in multiple industries and roles including those in the corporate world. We also pride ourselves on our teams lived experience & detailed knowledge of that of others in our network, who we can draw on to compliment the delivery of our projects.

Some of the services offered are:

  • Mental Health Awareness training (Mental Health 1st Aid England)
  • Corporate Wellbeing programmes
  • Fitwel (Wellbeing) building certifications (Fitwel associate)
  • Building enhancements to aid cognitive & wellbeing performance
  • Personal Wellbeing coaching
  • Massage Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness coaching

Please enquire to find out how we can rejuvenate the lives of you or your organisation.

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The Bushido Project

A 1-2-1 programme of Wellbeing enhancement. Based over 12 weeks, clients will be coached through a set of principles based on science & experience. Clients will leave the project with a rejuvenated purpose & the skills to pursue a fulfilled life.

Wellbeing Consultancy Services

Our Wellbeing services are customisable to both you and your business. We can deliver a host of services from small training sessions to delivering assessments of building conducivity to occupant behaviour & performance. The link opposite explains this in more detail. 

Male Mental Health & Movember

Brief video regarding the maintenance of my moustache to continue the conversation around male mental health following Movember 2021

Nature Bathing 

The wellbeing benefits of being in nature. It's being proven in medical studies that being in nature is a crucial way as to how people can manage their wellbeing. 


Mental Health Awareness Week 2022

A brief video focused on loneliness and a justification of the Recro Vida mental health awareness service offering for the Mental Health Foundations Mental Health Awareness week 9-15 May 2022.