Industry leading sustainability consultants with significant international corporate experience.

Our team of sustainability consultants have delivered projects around the globe for high level clients (Facebook, Microsoft, NSW Government, UK Local Authorities, Ministry of Defence, Sellar Property Ltd, Network Rail etc.). Our service offering includes:

  • Green Building Certification
  • Carbon Net Zero workshops
  • Sustainability training
  • Construction & Operational sustainability enhancements
  • Personal sustainability coaching
  • Sustainable branding & marketing
  • Closed Loop Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Auditing (on-site and systems & processes)

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Our Sustainability Services

Our highly qualified experts will be able to deliver stress free sustainability services at competitive market rates.

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Carbon Net Zero Workshops

Devon and Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

A series of free Carbon Net Zero workshops, are designed to help you on the first steps of your sustainability journey while improving your organisation’s impact on the environment.

Devon & Plymouth Chamber is committed to helping their members work towards Net Zero, and so partnered with our sustainability experts to host the four highly practical and informative online workshops aimed at SMEs and micros.

We will help you navigate the world of Net Zero, starting with the very first steps businesses can take, and handholding you through the process of setting a carbon reduction strategy.

The aim is to finish the series with your own carbon reduction strategy that can begin right away.

See below for more detail about each workshop and watch

1. Carbon 101

This first workshop is an introduction to reducing your carbon emissions. We unpack the jargon and tackle some of the myths surrounding Net Zero and what this means for businesses. By the end you will have a good understanding of what these terms actually mean.

 2. Carbon Policy

In the second workshop of our Net Zero series, we introduce carbon policies, what they are, why you need one, what this should include and our tips for making this the best it can be. We also delve into the beginnings of calculating Scope 1 & 2 emissions

3. Carbon Reduction Strategy

Here, we cover setting up a carbon reduction strategy. The data involved with carbon can feel overwhelming, but we will guide you step-by-step and by the end of this workshop you should feel confident about tackling both the data, and your carbon.

4. Delivering Net Zero and Beyond

In this final workshop, you learn how to launch and implement your carbon reduction strategy, ensuring that you keep up momentum year on year, constantly improving as you go.