Meet the Team

Darren Peck - Recro Vida Founding Director

Darren founded Recro Vida in October 2021, achieving a lifelong goal of owning his own business. Darren has been working in Environment & Sustainability roles for over a decade including; internationally & for high end clients such as Facebook, NSW Government, Microsoft, Stanhope & many more. 
Darren has both professional & personal experience with relation to the three core tenets which Recro Vida is founded upon: Sustainability, Personal Development & Wellbeing. This includes professional & life experience as well as academic & professional qualifications. He is an excellent communicator, networker & a diligent professional operator.

Katie Upton - Sustainability Advisor, Devon & Plymouth Chamber (Consulting for Recro Vida)

Katie is a Plymouth University MSc Environmental Consultancy graduate and has experience within Plymouth City Council’s Low Carbon Team.  She worked as a consultant for Recro Vida, via Devon & Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. This included the series of Carbon Net Zero workshops, leading the SCS project & helping Recro Vida develop as an early start up. Katie now works for a Sustainability consultancy in Oxford.

Gabi Radziszewska - Events Intern 

Gabi is a BSc business management student at the University of Plymouth University  and is  enthusiastic and driven. Her motivation to succeed derived from Her parent’s immigration from abroad to create a better life. 
Gabi worked at Recro Vida as an events consultant for the next two weeks in April 2022, supporting the company by supporting the business with the full organisation and management of 12 local events for the Sustainable Cycling Symposium project. Recro Vida allows Gabi to explore a career path she is interested in whilst allowing her to be part of a company that is striving to improve and better people’s lives and the environment.

Isabel Saxby - Marketing Intern 

Isabel worked at Recro Vida as a marketing consultant for the next two weeks in April 2022, supporting the company by taking full ownership of the strategy, social media account management, and market positioning. 
Isabel is a first-year student studying BSc Business Management at the University of Plymouth. She has motivation to create a world that is equal and fair for all. Isabel believes if we can treat the earth with compassion the rest of society will fall into place. Her aim is to build her marketing skills and work with an incredible organisation taking the first steps to build a greener future for us all. 

Angelos Palaiologos - Sustainability Intern 

Angelos worked at Recro Vida as a Sustainability consultant for two weeks in April 2022, supporting the company on projects in Sustainable Construction, Carbon Training for businesses & Life Cycle Analysis. 
Angelos is a second-year undergraduate student studying BSc Environmental Management & Sustainability at the University of Plymouth. His passion for sustainability stems from his love and deep appreciation for nature. His aim is to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience in order to work towards preserving a habitable climate, and by joining Recro Vida, he will be able to do both.