Meet the Team

Darren Peck - Recro Vida Founding Director

Darren founded Recro Vida in October 2021, achieving a lifelong goal of owning his own business. Darren has been working in Environment & Sustainability roles for over a decade including; internationally & for high end clients such as Facebook, NSW Government, Microsoft, Stanhope & many more. 
Darren has both professional & personal experience with relation to the three core tenets which Recro Vida is founded upon: Sustainability, Personal Development & Wellbeing. This includes professional & life experience as well as academic & professional qualifications. He is an excellent communicator, networker & a diligent professional operator.

Why you should trust us!


Professional Experience

Darren has worked in corporate sustainability for 9 years. His experience spans from small construction fit out to £1 Billion pound infrastructure delivery.

Darren has worked in the UK, Holland, Ireland & Australia.

Live Experience


Darren has a wealth of life experience, from living abroad in Australia, travelling around the world, recovering from a near fatal road traffic accident & dealing with significant life events himself and by his personal network.

Network Experience


Darren has accrued a network of high performing people around the world. These span across multiple industries and all walks of life. Darren often draws upon this network to sub-consult in for specific topics or client requests.